Blogging For Fun Or Blogging For Profit?

Should i be blogging for fun or blogging for profit?

So if i get the blog, what am i suppose to be blogging about?

blogging for funThis is a very common question that many people have.  Although, i was asking myself the same question when i got started.  I just wanted to set up the website, upload some content such as articles, videos and pictures and of course some product that will make me money.

So what you do, you search the market, pick the biggest one and the most profitable one, create a website related to that niche and stuff it with whole bunch of affiliate links and banners, if you don’t sell your own product, and that’s it.

Sounds simple right?

Well, could be, but unfortunately for the beginners especially it’s not.

I tell you why.

Start Profiting from Blogging

This case scenario is for the beginners who want to start blogging for profit.

Usually people start blogging and build some sort of website for profit.  Maybe they are stocked for the money, want to quit their daily jobprofit or just get bigger income to afford the bigger house.


Don’t set up the blog or site in the niche that you are not familiar with, the other words, got no clue what to write about.  Well, you could outsource the articles, so the someone else writes the for you, but it will always cost some money and still you don’t know if the article is written the way you’d like, because you don’t know anything about that niche or particular product that you are trying to sell.

Another reason is, if the visitor, as potential customer, visits your site and read the article that doesn’t engage with him/her, doesn’t make much sense or is badly written, they simply leave within first minute or two.

And you absolutely don’t want that.

Engaging Content for Your Blog

So you need to start blogging about your hobbies, interests, simply something that you are passionate about and what resonates with youstart blogging for profit.  Setting up a blog isn’t rocket science, you learn just few a little bit technical things and repeat the steps.  But adding the quality engaging content that won’t disturb the visitors is harder.

Trust me on this because i’ve been there and i learned from my mistakes, a lot mistakes.  Basically adding the content and getting traffic isn’t the win yet.

For example i had the heath niche website where i used to add the articles from the service called Article Builder or UAW, just to reduce the costs by not paying for each article at least $5.  These services provide you with the sort of unique articles related to your website for a peanuts.  But the articles are not always well readable and engaging, because they are spun by some software or put together from many different articles.

So what happened was that i was getting good amount of traffic flow, but the website bounce rate up to 90%, average time that visitor spent on my blog was 11 seconds and of course, NO SALES, CONVERSIONS, NOTHING!

With that said, blogging for profit is good, but blogging for fun and profit is better :)

Have a fun ;)

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