Winning Prize of £500 000,00 Fraud – Dr Jerry Martins, BBC?

You Are the Winner, Were You a Victim of Fraud?

Hey my friends,

This gonna be just a quick post about a No.1 fraud that is flooding the people’s email inbox and spam filters are not detecting that, so the msg doesn’t go automatically to the spam folder of your email inbox.

Anyway, be careful and don’t do any action regarding the respond to this fraudulent email. I received this winning notice this morning, and was wondering what kind of scam is that, because I know they are hackers that are trying to hack your bank account. And in many cases they do.

So do not even reply to this email or click on any link that is attached, you will loose your money like many did.

The email message stated something like: “Congratulations, We are proud to inform you that your Email Address has been Awarded Five Hundred Great British Pounds (500,000.00 GBP) in the  2015  BBC UK  Email Award program which was organized by BBC COMPANY

And than they would ask to provide them with your personal details such as your name, bank account number, basically all your details except mobile phone number. All the details you are meant to send to this email address – or call +448719746077. They will probably act as solid and trustworthy, but it’s hundred percent fraud.

The name figuring in the fraud message is Dr Jerry Martins, payment officer of BBC company payment department of United Kingdom.

Also, I received this announcement from this name and email, which sounds to Indian – Sanchari Sinha <>

And Ticket Winning Number (UK/0147X4/74),

Reference Number   9-11-13-19-37-3-4,

Serial Number. 7501-07

When I checked online for some more information concerning this message, I found out that in many cases these hackers managed to steal the money from the people’s accounts. So I encourage you, don’t trust these type of msgs.

If you received this email you should Report this fraud to


make money with adsense

Make Money with Your Blog Using Adsense

Advertising on Your Blog is Simple

make money with adsenseI’m coming with another post about making money by advertising on your blog. This requires that you a have steady traffic coming to your site. Its not any fast way to make a huge money either, especially from the beginning. Its just easy and simple way how to get paid for what you love to do.

The another great thing about this is, that you don’t have to be any professional web developer, SEO, or Online Marketer to gain additional income from advertising other people’s stuff. You are using your personal blog, if you will. Because its your hobby website, its cool, you are just sharing with people your stuff that is interesting, and if someone every noun again clicks on your ad, that’s your bonus.

My Short Story How I Started with Adsense

I’ve started marketing with this company about 4 years earlier due to the fact that it seemed to me as a great idea to make a bit of cash on the side to run my sort of a pastime blog site. At the time I didn’t have any intentions or concept to sell anything on my blog site. However to earn money simply from a click the ads on my site sounded excellent to me. Getting paid and not sell anything.

Which’s the thing.

When you are writing a blog about your pastimes or something that just amazes you, like traveling for instance, its truly hard to sell something due to the fact that you are writing your story that are people interested in to read, and not a sale letter. You would turn your loyal readers away. And I thought this truly got me onto something, because I had a good number of steady traffic, the readers who simply were pertaining to check out the excellent things, not to purchase anything. This is called a “good will”,and there nothing more powerful than this, if you understand what I mean. And besides, you understand how the majority of the people dislike online marketers. This is not just about creating traffic to your website. If you will have a bad site and content, people will simply leave. Even without clicking some of your ads. Absolutely nothing, no revenue and squandered time and money. Even with adsense, your blog or website have to look like you care about it.

Watch the success story


Get Your Publisher Account

The rest is just plain and simple. Its just about to place the ads on good places. If you didn’t already, go ahead and sign up as publisher for adsense. You will wait some while before they approve your account. Once its approved you just generate an ad code and put it on your site. There is good training provided inside affiliate members area. I will give you a few tips on where and ways to improve your CTR (click through rate), PPC (pay per click) and so your revenue. But obviously you need a good traffic pertaining to your site already.

Create and customize your ad so it matches the background, no borders. For me the best sizes that perform really well is 300×250, 336×280, 728×90 and 300×600. The first two and the last one you would place into the widgets area, the side bar. Either one of them. Put one at the top and another at the lower spot. Place the 300×250 and 728×90 between the text of your posts.

Never Do These Mistakes

Never display more than 3 ads displayed on one page. It doesn’t look natural and lowers down the PPC. You always want to have more ofbenefits of blogging content than ads on your blog. I have also heard that Google is actually penalizing the sites with too many ads. Anyway, from my experience 2 or 3 ads work the best. Never ever click your own ads or prompt people to do, in order to benefit more. They will notice that an excessive quantity of clicks are coming from the same ip and that is not natural. And adsense will eventually suspend your account forever.

Adsense is one of the biggest advertising company on the internet. The greatest since its owned by Google, and Google is the biggest online search engine utilized for organic searches. Everyone wants to control Google’s top pages for lots of factors. Some for offering the services and products, another for getting an exposure and some for getting a higher earnings from selling advertisement spaces, either to other bloggers and online marketers or executing the services like adsense.

This is the easiest way to make money from blog site or website. Hands free, you just need to provide any good content and concentrate on driving traffic to your website and that’s it. Probably the best way of how to get quick and good traffic is from social networks. If you have your social network accounts already, and people know you, just share your stuff with them, don’t be afraid.

what is SEO

Solid SEO Tips from SEO Experts

Hello people,

Today I decided to add some quiet interesting article written and published by my good friend and founder of a new blog consulting, SEO web developing company Blog Consulting LLC.

Why I decided to publish his article on Pulp Blog came down to a few reasons. I’m an editor, publisher and founder of, which I mainly created for giving people interesting advice, positive life views, how to improve peoples life style with some interesting ideas and business ideas. I was thinking for long time what niche to choose and on what topic to focus on, here on Pulp Blog. What would be the most helpful and informative for people, so they come to my blog, read it and appreciate it. I didn’t want to start that kind of a blog, which most of the marketers and bloggers do. Like writing the product reviews, no matter if the product is good or bad, and then trying to sell it with hundred of different call to action strategies. Or criticize the particular product and then offer the other one instead.

I wanted to make PulpBlog different.

But I found out very hard to know what exactly I want to blog about. I didn’t want to focus on any tight niche and at the same time I didn’tSEO tips for blog want my website to be looking too messy, talking about apples and oranges, jumping from one completely different topic to another.

But one thing I knew for sure. I wanted to provide value, to help people.

So I asked my friend, who is actually doing what I wanted to do, for help. I asked him if he could give me some sort of an advice. And he told me “Do you really want to help people? So start doing, just write what comes to your mind and what you think that might interest people. You will figure out the rest on the way.” And this really opened my eyes, so I started.

And as the way of saying thank you, I decided to publish his article.


What You Need to Know about SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an extremely wide and big topic on the internet. Everyone who own some website or blog, is implementing some sort of SEO strategy to bring the site in top of the Google organic searches. And if you are not using SEO, your site is most likely dug someplace really deep in the Google online search engine. On the other hand if you make use of the bad SEO linking nowadays, its even worse than if you haven’t done anything. I will discuss why is that just in a minute, but now let me just tell you something before we start..

I will give you some SEO tips that you can implement.

Now, I will be talking generally about the Google due to the fact that it is the significantly largest search engine on the internet that is covering over 70 % of worldwide internet searches. Which means that 3/4 of the world population uses Google for search inquiries. (if you didn’t know).

How to Do SEO Right and How to Avoid of Common Mistakes

The SEO includes 2 primary groups, if you will, which is “On Page SEO and Off Page SEO”. These are two apart sectors. If you can master both of them with an excellence, you are the winner. But in nowadays just a few seo experts know ways to do it correctly, and most of them would not inform you their exact approach, even if they are selling courses, SEO tutorials, due to the fact that its their ace in the hole and they think that they would loose it.

So essentially they sell you a car with no engine.

I really wish to point this out. There is a lot of marketers, and i believe me its absolute majority of them, who are pounding people like me or you with emails to sell you something, some so called cool software, plugin or an application that will certainly bring you a ton of traffic with hardly any work done on your behalf. And this is not true.

These seo experts and marketers very often claim the results that they personally don’t have, just to sell you something, and sometimesseo in 2015 they are so desperate and broke so they are just emailing one provide on another and hope that you will finally buy something.
Trust me, even after couple of years I’m still getting some of these emails even if I unsubscribed from all of the people’s lists years ago. What this does to you, it confuses you, squander your time and money, and in some cases it even could have a negative impact on your SEO campaign. (for example: massive and aggressive connecting software to poor quality sites or sites in penalty).
And this one of the reasons I never make use of or very rarely, anyone’s network of sites, oftenly called PBNs (personal blog networks), for backlinks to my money sites. If I make use of someone’s network, its usually somebody I know and trust.
Negative SEO campaign could put your site in penalty and sometimes, depended upon the type and level of penalty, its easier to get the new internet site than repair the one which has been hit.

I know you came here to learn SEO and not to read about how much of crap is out there, but you will certainly thank me once that I saved you from a lot of struggles that I went through in the past. I don’t say that I hate marketers, I just don’t like the ones who lie to me in order to get some money from me. I such as individuals that are being truthful and completely transparent with me. And there are still marketers and bloggers like that. After this you will be like an seo expert.

As I said there is On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. On Page SEO is everything within the website and the content on your internet site. So your articles, videos, pictures and settings of your website for optimal power. Basically everything what you do inside your WordPress dashboard, if we talk about the WordPress. Off Page SEO is everything else, such as linking structure to your site. Everything that is done outside your website.

The policies rapidly changed within last 3 years. Google brought out some heavy updates that you probably became aware of, such as Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird. There were more updates along, but these three are the biggest and most important updates.
Which in a nutshell causes the big change for SEOers and marketers in the way of:.

On Page: no more keyword stuffing, badly spun unreadable content, penalty for duplicate content, no thin sites with very little content.

Off Page: end of aggressive massive backlinking, say goodbye to use of poor quality links, no links from thin sites, no links from badly spun posts.

These are most likely the greatest factors that you ought to bare in mind. So you can take it the way that the less you do the better it is for your website. But it wouldn’t be fully true. Its more like more natural you are, the better. On one hand its good that in this manner Google got rid of bad or poor content sites, but on the other made it much harder for SEOers and marketers to rank their sites. Now it takes a lot more time to rank for more competitive keywords, depends upon the niche. Particularly if your internet site is young and have no history and authority. And to build your site’s authority takes time and certain approach.

Don’t take me wrong, backlinking still works, but you need your links to be originating from authority web sites or blog sites. So the solution for this would be is guest posting. Placing your article on the other blogger’s blogs with a link back to your blog. But it would cost you a lot to get a good backlinks from authority sites and it still not really efficient.

When you publish the post on the blog site, you have an effective backlink since its on the web page. However after some period of time your post will go to archive, depends on the settings of the blog. Your backlink will loose its power, the power of home page.
So the best solution and having an absolute control over your backlinks is to build your own private blog network, also called PBN. This is really the most comprehensive solution, but again, it takes time and patience.

And in order to build private block networks properly and naturally, isn’t really the most inexpensive way. However better view to the future. Naturally, more websites you have the more time and money you will spend. Because these will be your precious sites from where you gain the most powerful link juice, so they must look great with a terrific content and again, NATURAL. Like its real site and real person behind the scenes, and not just for backlinking purposes.

Google is really going after these sites and deindexing them and putting to the penalty. I became aware of individuals having actually deindexed a lot of their PBN sites. And its not enjoyable.

How to Build My First Mini-site

building website authority

This has to be done right. First what you need to do is, to purchase aged and authority domain, preferably through the domain auction. There are a few criteria on how to buy the domains right way, but I will talk about this more into the dept in next article.

I’ll give you a few quick few hints.

  1. They must have a page rank (PR 1-10)
  2. Be at least 3 years old with some history
  3. Must have at least domain authority of DA 10 (do not go less than 10)
  4. Have minimum of 10 backlinks (if you can not find more 5 will do)
  5. Must be indexed in the search engine

If you don’t know, I will explain what these metrics are.

Page Rank is the metric that indicates importance of the domain – how Google sees it. Its called Page Rank after the founder of Google, Larry Page.

Domain Authority (DA) is metric measured by MOZ. The number and quality of backlinks, social signals and history of the domain.
Obviously, the higher Public Relations and DA, the more pricey domain will certainly be.
There is a fantastic location where to find these domains called And to check these metrics before buying the domains use

Ok, that would be everything for now, just go ahead and look for the domains, get at least 10 of them and start building your private blog network.

Attribution: Provided by

Blog Consulting LLC


I’m gonna say just a few last words and wrap this up, i know its been a quiet long but educational post.

Search engine optimization is very big deal for all of us who don;t want to get higher visibility in organic searches. Just imagine to be able instantly rank any site, in any niche for high search volume keywords. Obviously sometimes you have to know who you are competing with. Such sites like BBC, NY Times, Entrepreneur or Search Engine Land. would be extremely hard to outrank. Its important to wisely choose the right keywords first and do the research of your competition. Sometimes its wiser to go after low competition keywords with less monthly searches. For analyzing these metrics use Keyword Planner.

think business

Trying to Find Any Good Home Based Business Ideas?

Work From Home as the Successful Business?

simple business structure

Well, then i hope that this article will assist you to obtain some ideas about home based businesses and ways to start one.

Undoubtedly starting home based business is not for everyone easy. The most typical concern that people state they have is NO MONEY to start up with.

The second biggest killer, when they actually got started, is NO TIME.

And time equates to cash, right?

The 3rd factor would be frustrating of details, inadequate will certainly to discover and the FEAR OF FAILURE.

Initially, i will certainly get rid of the very first issue, which is having not sufficient funds to begin.

Things is that firstly you need to have an idea of exactly what type of home business you could begin and preserve.

From my experience it must be something that you are good at or passionate about, like a hobby.

And my best and first recommendation would be BLOGGING.

Watch this 20 minutes long video interview with Frank Kern (the Godfather of internet marketing). He has some interesting points when it comes down to online business and online marketing. For me this video was very eye opening. Hope that for you will be too.

Especially for the people with very low funds, the people who have no their own physical or informative product that they could sell and the ones who are willing to work hard on them selves and do whatever it takes to attain their objectives.

The will certainly to implement and learn is very important in this one.

You can establish a blog within 5 – 10 minutes and then just learn how to work and maintain it.

Not a rocket science, and if you allow me, i’m going to show you how to do that step by step.

There are essentially two available options.

You can set up a custom self hosted website or use the services such as, from Google or Tumblr and so on.

Choice is a little bit more pricey but it offers you some benefits in a couple of methods and you’ll have good proffesionally looking and well remebered domain name, for example,, … whatever you such as. If the domain name that you want is readily available and not registered currently and that’s it, simply examine up!

The second alternative is cheaper or completely free, but gives you very limited options and your domain would appear like this – or

You see what I mean?

It simply doesn’t look right if you intent to make some money with your blog or website.

I personally would recommend to start with the first alternative which is self hosted site. Its a little bit more technical and more to learn but as I said its not any rocket science and gives you a big advantage because it looks more like a strong home business than hobby.

Just how much Will All Of This Cost?

Now, to setup one blog or website will and fundamental preserving will certainly cost you about $5 per month for reliable solid hosting provider (that’s where your website and all of the data are stored).

And about $15 per year for the domain, depends exactly what TLD you select (.net, .com, .org, .biz…. etc.)

Which is not that much, is it?

You are on something like 6 – 7 dollars per month.

Now depends on your writing skills, how you are going to present your site and your self.

Obviously you have to capture the attention of the visitors and give them precisely what they want. .

I will talk about the marketing strategies next time.

Hope that this short article about home based business ideas dig in your brain a bit, because that’s all exactly what it takes, a motivation and concept.

think business

Blogging For Fun Or Blogging For Profit?

Should i be blogging for fun or blogging for profit?

So if i get the blog, what am i suppose to be blogging about?

blogging for funThis is a very common question that many people have.  Although, i was asking myself the same question when i got started.  I just wanted to set up the website, upload some content such as articles, videos and pictures and of course some product that will make me money.

So what you do, you search the market, pick the biggest one and the most profitable one, create a website related to that niche and stuff it with whole bunch of affiliate links and banners, if you don’t sell your own product, and that’s it.

Sounds simple right?

Well, could be, but unfortunately for the beginners especially it’s not.

I tell you why.

Start Profiting from Blogging

This case scenario is for the beginners who want to start blogging for profit.

Usually people start blogging and build some sort of website for profit.  Maybe they are stocked for the money, want to quit their daily jobprofit or just get bigger income to afford the bigger house.


Don’t set up the blog or site in the niche that you are not familiar with, the other words, got no clue what to write about.  Well, you could outsource the articles, so the someone else writes the for you, but it will always cost some money and still you don’t know if the article is written the way you’d like, because you don’t know anything about that niche or particular product that you are trying to sell.

Another reason is, if the visitor, as potential customer, visits your site and read the article that doesn’t engage with him/her, doesn’t make much sense or is badly written, they simply leave within first minute or two.

And you absolutely don’t want that.

Engaging Content for Your Blog

So you need to start blogging about your hobbies, interests, simply something that you are passionate about and what resonates with youstart blogging for profit.  Setting up a blog isn’t rocket science, you learn just few a little bit technical things and repeat the steps.  But adding the quality engaging content that won’t disturb the visitors is harder.

Trust me on this because i’ve been there and i learned from my mistakes, a lot mistakes.  Basically adding the content and getting traffic isn’t the win yet.

For example i had the heath niche website where i used to add the articles from the service called Article Builder or UAW, just to reduce the costs by not paying for each article at least $5.  These services provide you with the sort of unique articles related to your website for a peanuts.  But the articles are not always well readable and engaging, because they are spun by some software or put together from many different articles.

So what happened was that i was getting good amount of traffic flow, but the website bounce rate up to 90%, average time that visitor spent on my blog was 11 seconds and of course, NO SALES, CONVERSIONS, NOTHING!

With that said, blogging for profit is good, but blogging for fun and profit is better :)

Have a fun ;)

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