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Blogging for passionBlogging is just awesome way to spread your words to other people, let them know that you are here and what you think. The one doesn’t have to be a journalist to be able to write and maintain the blog.  It could be seen as writing a diary about something that you are passionate about, something you are good at or something you love.

I remember myself when i first time wrote an article of a few paragraphs about the one famous musician that just came over to perform in my town where i used to live by that time.

The music and concert was so nice, i really enjoyed it.

After the music was over, the one man who was the journalist for the local city magazine came to me with the words such as “Hi, i think that you look like that you could write something about this concert, your personal feelings.”

And i was just standing there, staring at him and didn’t know what exactly to say.  Well, after a couple of seconds i said “yes, why not, i really liked the concert.”

He gave me his email where i suppose to forward the article and disappeared.

In the next few days i put the whole thing together, which back in a day took me enormous amount of time :D, and sent it.

Next week the article was published, with my name and personal photo next to it.  The feeling was just incredible.  Just like something to blogshifted inside me, my self confidence grew.

And this is way long before i started blogging, respectively about 2 years before that.

Now, i would like to explain what this is all about.

I want the Pulp Blog to be a great example of how you could start your own blog as well.  The main idea of this website isn’t to make whole lot of money, actually i don’t intent to make any money at all with this blog, and if it will make me a couple of bucks every month that would cover the maintenance of the site and hosting provider.

See, i have several other websites as an income source, such as Magazine sites, Blogs monetized with Adsense, Affiliate sites selling other people’s products etc.

Now i want to do something different :)

My intention is to show you guys how you can start from the scratch, down from “zero” and create for yourself nice passive income from something that you enjoy doing.

Enjoy what i’m doing, what i love and what is my passion has been always my priority, even in the tough hard times, and so should be you.

Just think about it for a second.

What’s the most of the time holding us back from doing what we love?


Again, the most of the people think that the failure is the end of everything and they quit, stop and close up inside themselves even more.  But what if you would take it the opposite way, the other way around.

The failure can also mean that you figured out the one way how you not suppose to do things that you did wrong, so you’ll never do it again.


And the more mistakes you do, the more closer you are towards your success, eliminating the wrong turns and directions.

So with that been said, i hope that everyone find the Pulp Blog useful and if you like my blog, please share, comment and contribute.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on the Contact page via email.  Will answer all your questions.

All the Best

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